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May 20 328'0 330'2 328'0 329'6 2'0 327'6 05:33A Chart for @C0K
Jul 20 333'4 336'0 333'4 335'4 2'0 333'4 05:33A Chart for @C0N
Sep 20 339'2 341'4 339'2 341'0 1'6 339'2 05:33A Chart for @C0U
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May 20 856'0 862'2 855'4 859'4 4'0 855'4 05:34A Chart for @S0K
Jul 20 861'2 868'0 861'0 865'4 4'2 861'2 05:33A Chart for @S0N
Aug 20 864'6 870'6 864'6 868'6 4'6 864'0 05:33A Chart for @S0Q
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May 20 555'2 555'6 545'2 547'6 -8'0 555'6 05:33A Chart for @W0K
Jul 20 550'0 550'4 541'0 543'6 -7'2 551'0 05:33A Chart for @W0N
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Apr 20 83.825 85.750 83.825 83.825 -4.500 83.825s 04/06 Chart for @LE0J
Jun 20 76.800 82.950 76.600 79.850 -0.550 80.300s 04/06 Chart for @LE0M
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Apr 20 40.225 42.750 37.500 41.000 0.900 41.125s 04/06 Chart for @HE0J
May 20 40.050 45.725 38.075 44.200 4.150 45.375s 04/06 Chart for @HE0K
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Editorial Staff
Monday, April 6, 2020 12:00PM CDT
Many states have increased truck weight limits to help trucks that are hauling goods during the coronavirus pandemic, but the industry wants an equal weight established for all 50 states.
Friday, April 3, 2020 5:20PM CDT
Wednesday, April 1, 2020 2:29PM CDT

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Welcome to Minnesota Valley Grain and Thank you for visiting our site.
Minnesota Valley Grain was established in August 2009. We operate at 3 locations in Southern Minnesota; which include        Le Center, Montgomery and Webster. We buy, sell and store grain (corn and soybeans).

You can contract grain Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM. Hours are subject to change depending on the holiday schedule and weather. Please call our office in Le Center at 507-357-6841 to contract grain or to schedule a delivery appointment. 

Due to Good Friday on April 10, 2020 Markets are closed. Our office and all locations will also be closed for dumping grain. We will resume normal business hours on Monday, April 13, 2020. 

Due to COVID-19 we ask that you call the Le Center office prior to delivery so we can give you special instructions for unloading. We are still taking deliveries just have some extra protective measures in place to try and avoid germs and keeping distance from others. Please call 507-357-6841! 

Le Center Hours
Hours subject to change depending on weather. Please call ahead to verify hours prior to delivery.
Monday thru Friday - 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Montgomery & Webster Hours
By Appointment Only - Please call the Le Center office to coordinate and schedule a time to dump.

Please note any grain brought into the elevators after 5:00 PM on Friday; will get Monday's closing price.
OFFICE: 507-357-6841
FAX: 507-357-4211

We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you! 

Local Cash Bids
Le Center Delivery Cash   Basis    
 Corn Chart Apr 20    
 Soybeans Chart Apr 20    
Montgomery Delivery Cash   Basis    
 Corn Chart Apr 20    
 Soybeans Chart Apr 20    
Webster Delivery Cash   Basis    
 Corn Chart Apr 20    
 Soybeans Chart Apr 20    
Price as of 04/07/20 05:45AM CDT.
Click to view more Cash Bids

Local Conditions
Le Center, MN
Chg Zip Code: 
Temp: 54oF Feels Like: 54oF
Humid: 100% Dew Pt: 54oF
Barom: 29.69 Wind Dir: SSE
Cond: N/A Wind Spd: 9 mph
Sunrise: 6:44 Sunset: 7:50
As reported at MANKATO, MN at 5:00 AM
Local Radar
Le Center, MN
Local Forecast
Le Center, MN





High: 67°F
Low: 48°F
Precip: 32%
High: 50°F
Low: 39°F
Precip: 69%
High: 42°F
Low: 31°F
Precip: 49%
High: 48°F
Low: 27°F
Precip: 20%
High: 52°F
Low: 37°F
Precip: 60%
View complete Local Weather
DTN Weather Summary
Light E. Midwest Showers Tuesday
Bryce Anderson (Bio) – DTN Meteorologist

Dry conditions covered almost all major crop areas Monday afternoon. Exceptions were noted in central Iowa and central Texas with scattered light rain showers. Temperatures ranged from the mid 30s in southern Saskatchewan to the mid 80s from southern Texas to the Carolina coast. » More DTN Weather Commentary

Posted at 2:06PM Mon Apr 6, 2020 CDT

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